Welcome Casa del’Artiste!

A thirteenth century townhouse ideally located in the heart of beautiful Tuscany in the historic hilltown of Cortona. Featured in the October, 2004 issue of “Ville & Casale”, this jewel-like house with outstanding character, elegance and style has been lovingly restored using local artisans and stonemasons, paying particular attention to preserving it’s charming characteristics, while also offering all modern conveniences. Accommodating up to four people and nestled against the Etruscan wall surrounding the town (dating back to the 2nd century BC), it is moments away from the central piazza. All amenities including grocery stores, gift and clothing stores, art galleries, the park with swimming pool, movie theater, cafes, churches and museums are only minutes away.


The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie AL Calcinaio was constructed between the years of 1485 and 1513. It is the architectural work of Francesco di Giorgio Martini. The Church is located below the house and can be seen from the living room and patio.

Cortona Valley

Locally known as the Valdichiana, the valley was once a mosquito ridden swamp land.  Known for the famous battle in 217 BC where Hannibal fought and conquored Flaminius’ 15,000 strong Roman Legion, it was drained in the Middle Ages and made habitable by the Medici Family. In the ancient hill town of Cortona, Outdoor cafe’s, marvelous restaurants, quaint shops, and friendly people make Cortona a pleasant place to spend the day. This is the actual view of the Valdichiana and Lake Trasimeno as seen from the house.

Entrance Hall/Cantina


The Entrance Hall or Cantina is the oldest part of the house with original stone walls.  An antique ceramic pot unearthed during remodeling graces one corner of the Cantina near the staircase leading to the Kitchen and Patio

Kitchen with Fireplace


The kitchen is fully equipped with a Dishwasher, Antique Pine Table and Fireplace

The Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom, Queen bed and antique chestnut Amoire